Unocal Land Development

Project Description

Client: Unocal Land Development
Location: Fullerton, CA
Project: Rehabilitation of E. Bastanchury Road

Bastanchury Road is a 4-lane arterial roadway traversing through the city of Fullerton, CA.  Extensive development along this corridor resulted in a significant increase in traffic volume above the original design criteria.  As a result, portions of this important transportation route became structurally damaged and required rehabilitation.  A section of roadway approximately 1 mile in length was selected for evaluation and rehabilitation in connection with a proposed residential project.

The Challenges

Albus & Associates, Inc., was retained to perform a comprehensive evaluation of the existing roadway in order to develop recommendations for rehabilitation.  Our evaluation consisted of visual observations of the pavement conditions to record types and extents of damage to the pavement.  The pavement was then evaluated by performing a falling-weight deflectometer test to measure the pavement’s resistance to traffic loads.  This test was followed by coring of the existing pavement and sampling of the underlying soils.  With the data gathered, the roadway was divided into zones with similar conditions and overlay rehabilitation was developed.  During construction, representatives of Albus & Associates, Inc., were present to observe and test the contractor’s work to verify compliance with our recommendations.  Asphaltic concrete was checked for thickness, temperature, and in-place relative compaction.  Construction materials were sampled and then tested in our laboratory facilities to verify compliance with required specifications.