Albus & Associates, Inc., is a professional geotechnical engineering consulting firm based in Southern California. Founded in 1999, we pride ourselves on our creative, out-of-the-box solutions that our clients in both the public and private sectors have come to expect from us.

David E. Albus President, Principal Engineer

I started this firm with a guiding principle: to make each client and their project our primary focus and create the best solution for their unique needs. As a boutique engineering firm, we accomplish this by being nimble and examining the various issues and opportunities of each project. Our staff works closely with other consultants as a team to assist in devising truly custom, practical, and intelligent solutions.

David E. Albus
President, Principal Engineer

Value engineering is often paid lip service by firms in our industry. We take this effort seriously by examining every element of a project and applying this concept to improve performance, reliability, quality, safety, and life-cycle costs, from the start and through to the finish, not as an afterthought! This saves time and effort up front, minimizing and typically eliminating the need to “re-do” proposals and contracts to meet your budget constraints.

Our combination of commitment and unvarnished persistence to ensure the best solutions – based on supported, dependable engineering principles – is the heart of the Albus difference.

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As a cornerstone of any project, geotechnical services serve as the bedrock, quite literally, upon which successful and sustainable structures are built. This includes soil, rock, and groundwater, all critical elements in the construction landscape. Our services aim to provide essential insights into the characteristics and properties of these materials, shaping the engineering decisions that follow.

One of the primary aspects of geotechnical services is site investigation. For a meticulous examination of the construction site, this step involves assessing the soil composition, its bearing capacity, and potential environmental impacts. A thorough site investigation sets the stage for informed decision-making, ensuring that the engineering process is grounded in a profound understanding of the terrain.

Our geotechnical engineers employ sophisticated methodologies to determine the bearing capacity of the soil. This analysis is pivotal in ascertaining the load that the soil can withstand, guiding the design and construction of foundations that can support structures over time. In hilly or uneven terrains, slope stability becomes a critical consideration. Geotechnical services play a crucial role in assessing the stability of slopes, preventing potential disasters such as landslides. The insights gained from these assessments contribute significantly to the safety and longevity of structures.

The Albus DifferenceFoundations are the building blocks of any structure, and geotechnical services are instrumental in their design and construction. By understanding the soil’s characteristics, engineers can tailor foundations to provide optimal support, ensuring the longevity and stability of the entire edifice. In cases where soil conditions may pose challenges, geotechnical services introduce ground improvement techniques. These methods enhance the engineering properties of the soil, mitigating risks and optimizing the overall construction process.

Opting for Albus & Associates Inc. professional geotechnical services ensures that your project benefits from the expertise of seasoned engineers. Their in-depth knowledge and experience contribute to accurate assessments, fostering a solid foundation for your construction endeavors. Geotechnical analyses conducted by our team of professionals serve as a proactive measure against potential risks. By identifying and addressing geological challenges early in the process, these services minimize the likelihood of unexpected issues arising during construction.

From site investigation to foundation design and construction, our services provide the crucial insights needed to navigate the complexities of construction projects successfully. Embracing the geotechnical advantage ensures not just structural stability but also long-term sustainability.