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Certified Deputy Inspectors

Testing Standards

Whether you require testing at your site or at our in-house laboratory, Albus & Associates is fully equipped to meet your needs. Fully managed by our highly trained and qualified technicians, testing is conducted using the most up-to-date equipment, and performed in accordance with the most current testing standards.

Batch Plant Inspections

Batch plant inspections involve examining the equipment, processes, and materials used in concrete and asphaltic concrete production. These inspections typically focus on factors such as accurate ingredient proportioning, proper mixing techniques, and adherence to industry standards and specifications.

Reinforcement Inspections

When it comes to building a strong and reliable structure, reinforcement plays a crucial role by providing strength and stability, ensuring that the structure can withstand various forces and pressures. Reinforcement ensures that the structure doesn’t collapse under its own weight or succumb to external factors like earthquakes or extreme weather conditions.

Welding Inspections

Welding inspections are crucial in construction projects where welding is employed to join structural components. These inspections ensure that the welding procedures and techniques used comply with the applicable codes and standards. By conducting welding inspections, construction professionals can identify potential defects, such as incomplete penetration or inadequate fusion, that could compromise the strength and durability of the welds.

Non-Destructive Testing for Material Integrity

Non-destructive testing (NDT) plays a crucial role in assessing the integrity of materials used in construction projects without causing damage to the tested components. NDT techniques are employed to detect surface and subsurface defects, cracks, or other abnormalities that could compromise the material’s strength and reliability. By using NDT, construction professionals can evaluate material integrity and make informed decisions regarding their suitability for use in the project.

Mill Certificate Reviews

Mill certificates play a crucial role in ensuring the quality of materials used in construction projects. These certificates are documents provided by the manufacturers certifying that their products meet certain specifications and standards. Think of them as the birth certificates of your materials, verifying their origin and quality.

Concrete Placement Inspections

We’ll verify that the concrete is properly poured, consolidated, and finished, adhering to the design specifications and industry standards. Inspections also focus on factors such as proper formwork installation, reinforcement placement, and curing techniques.

Post-Tension Slab Inspections

Post-tension slab inspections focus on verifying the correct installation and stressing of the post-tensioning system. These inspections ensure that the cables or bars are positioned correctly, stressed to the appropriate level, and properly protected against corrosion.

Services Provided Include

⦁ Batch Plant Inspection
⦁ Reinforcement Inspection
⦁ Epoxy/Dowel Inspection
⦁ Review of Welding Procedures
⦁ Welding Inspections
⦁ Fabrication/Shop Inspections
⦁ Structural Steel Inspection
⦁ Non-Destructive Testing
⦁ Mill Certificate Review
⦁ Concrete Placement Inspection
⦁ Post Tension Slab Inspection
⦁ Concrete Masonry Unit Inspections
⦁ Asphaltic Concrete Inspections

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