Geotechnical Services

Project Management

Our investigative expertise includes testing, analysis, and recommendations for site preparation and for supporting a variety of structures, such as large-scale housing developments, roadways, theme parks, and everything in between. We incorporate value engineering from the outset of our work without sacrificing quality or functionality, and pride ourselves on our ability to customize solutions to your unique needs.

Geotechnical Investigation Benefits

Geotechnical investigations offer numerous benefits. By identifying any potential issues early on, they help prevent costly delays and unexpected problems during construction. These investigations also ensure the safety of future occupants by providing accurate information for designing structurally sound foundations and slopes. Additionally, geotechnical investigations can help optimize foundation design, leading to cost savings in the long run.

Slope Stability Analysis

Slope stability analysis is crucial when working on projects involving slopes or embankments. Geotechnical professionals evaluate the stability of slopes, assess potential risks, and provide recommendations for reinforcement or stabilization measures. This analysis helps prevent landslides and ensures the safety of people and structures situated on or near slopes.

Geotechnical Site Assessments

Geotechnical site assessments involve evaluating the ground conditions at a project site. This includes assessing soil and rock properties, analyzing groundwater levels, and identifying any potential geotechnical hazards. Site assessments provide the fundamental data needed for designing safe and efficient structures.

Foundation Design and Inspection

Foundation design and inspection are critical aspects of geotechnical services. Based on the site conditions and soil analysis, geotechnical professionals develop foundation designs that can support the intended structures. They also conduct inspections during construction to ensure the foundations are being implemented correctly and adhere to design specifications.

Scope of Activities

The scope of geotechnical services encompasses a wide range of activities. Our geotechnical professionals are involved in site investigations, laboratory testing of soil samples, analysis of soil behavior, and designing foundations and earthworks. They also provide recommendations for slope stability, ground improvement techniques, and construction monitoring to ensure compliance with design specifications.

Investigations and Planning

Geotechnical investigations are an integral part of project planning as they provide essential information about the ground conditions. This information helps engineers and architects make informed decisions about the design and construction of structures. Understanding the soil and rock properties, groundwater levels, and potential risks allows for efficient and cost-effective project planning.

Services Provided Include

⦁ Due Diligence Investigations
⦁ Construction Defect/Forensic Services
⦁ Environmental Impact Reports
⦁ Feasibility Investigations
⦁ Insurance Claim Evaluation
⦁ Geotechnical Investigations
⦁ Emergency Response
⦁ Plan Reviews
⦁ Compaction Testing & Inspection
⦁ Laboratory Testing
⦁ Second- & Third-Party Reviews
⦁ Field Instrumentation
⦁ Micro-Cracking/Soil Stiffness Testing
⦁ Expert Witness

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