Alexan Pacific Grove

Project Description

Client: Trammel Crow Residential
Location: Orange, CA
Project: Alexan Pacific Grove Residential & Retail Project

Recently featured as one of the top 10 projects in Southern California in the magazine Real Estate & Construction Review”, the Alexan Pacific Grove project is a mixed-used redevelopment in the city of Orange, California.  The project includes approximately 200 luxury residential units and 12,000 square feet of retail space.  The complex consists of a four-story residential/retail structure surrounding a 6-level integrated parking garage.

The Challenges

Albus & Associates, Inc., was retained to perform a geotechnical investigation of the site for use in design of proposed development.  Our work included drilling of 5 borings and laboratory testing of representative soil samples.  A key issue requiring careful evaluation was differential settlements between the relatively large foundations supporting a heavy parking structure and the smaller, lighter residential foundations located immediately adjacent to the parking structure. Our geotechnical report provided recommendations for design and construction including parameters for heavily-loaded shallow spread footings, ground preparation and fill placement, underground utilities, and pavement.

During construction, representatives of Albus & Associates, Inc., were present to observe and test the contractor’s work to verify compliance with our recommendations.  Our services consisted of providing observation and testing during the preparation of ground, placement of compacted fill for general grading and utility trench backfill, compaction of paving subgrade, and placement of pavement materials.