Miriam G Zacharias Business Director

Miriam G Zacharias, Business Director

Miriam G Zacharias Business Director

Miriam oversees several functions at Albus & Associates, including contract management, human resources, customer relations, marketing and business development, and the overall administration of AAI’s business. She devotes much of her time to finding efficiencies and facilitating the flow of operations to free up engineering and other technical resources to perform their work as effortlessly as possible.

Miriam earned her BS and MS in Human Ecology and Consumer Sciences at the Ohio State University and pursued her PhD in Holistic Nutrition from Clayton College of Natural Health later in life just for fun.

She has experience at Microsoft Corporation as Director of Business Operations and as a sales executive, as well as running a consultancy firm to guide scores of smaller firms in business management and development. Miriam has published two books and is working on a third that will hopefully see the light of day.

In her spare time, Miriam can be found hiking the beaches, cycling the trails, and exploring new ways to get fit while having fun. She adores cooking and seeking out new restaurants with fun vibes and fabulous fare. Music is a key part of her DNA, having spent 12 years of classical piano study, and she regularly spends evenings listening to tunes in her living room, with a bourbon in hand and something good in the oven for dinner.